3D data + thermovision 24 May 2016

APPLY Capnor Poland ready for new thermovision challenges. From now on we can improve our 3D data with additional thermographic information.

APPLY Capnor Poland BIM ready! 16 May 2016

We have introduced BIM technology in our office. We have REVIT from Autodesk right now available. Apply Capnor Poland has developed solutions...


Welcome to Apply Capnor

We operate in oil & gas, chemical and power industries as well as civil, architecture and heritage preservation sectors. As one of the world’s leading laser scanning companies, we provide our customers with innovative solutions that help them improve all project lifecycle phases. Our deliverables contribute to significant time and cost savings, quality and safety enhancement.

You will find more information on our services in Products & Services and Projects sections. Please, do not hesitate to contact us directly if you are interested in cooperation with Apply Capnor.



HDS Plant

Due to the lack of complete as-built documentation,...